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300 Click for offerThe draft report had outlined several possibilities for lease sales, largely involving how much of the coastal plain would be opened to development. The final report recommends the broadest approach, allowing drilling rights for most of the acreage to be sold. What we’re reading: This Vox article on Fat Bear Week at Katmai National Park in Alaska, as the competition comes to a close. To be clear, this is not about fat-shaming — it’s about celebration. Use the sliding tool to look at the bears’ incredible transformation from July to September.

[Never be uninteresting. Read the most thought-provoking, funny, delightful and raw stories from The New York Times Opinion section. Sign up for our Sunday Best newsletter.] In late April, the Whitecaps held a team meeting where players supporting the N.W.H.L. and P.W.H.P.A. made their cases. It became clear that the Whitecaps would not be returning in full form.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKETo the Editor: Share Our Health Data? Not Always Such a Good IdeaTo the Editor:

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThe government has compromised with protesters three times this year, and the huge deployment of police officers to block avenues near Moscow’s City Hall suggest that the Kremlin felt enough was enough. The mayor’s plan guarantees that incarceration will continue to be the expected outcome for people experiencing the daily problems of living without adequate material resources and public investments. From our perspective, this is unconscionable. There is no moral or empirical justification for it.

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The Apple Watch measures your heart rate throughout the day. Justice Sonia Sotomayor said the court could not ignore the impact of its decisions on who can use which bathrooms. “Let’s not avoid the difficult issue,” she said.

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I have kept Her Majesty the Queen fully informed of my intentions, and I will continue to serve as her prime minister until the process has concluded. “I had hoped for more,” Mr. Pedersen said. “I want much bigger releases in future, particularly women and children.”

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'Chill out': Former President Barack Obama was in California for a big-money fundraiser for the DNC Thursday and he wants everyone to understand the primary process will sort itself out. Laura Hardesty-Butcher, who lives near Sacramento, was the driver of Team Locos Mocos. She said the rally was a great way to step outside her comfort zone.

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Self-driving capability is a key attribute of any futuristic design study, and this Karma is properly equipped. A phalanx of long-range radar sensors, cameras and lidar arrays are sprinkled throughout, in theory allowing the car to operate autonomously. Mr. Meizah didn’t let his troubles get in the way of his schoolwork: He was the valedictorian of his high school class when he graduated in 2017. He also received a scholarship and a slot in summer college prep classes from the Higher Education Opportunity Program, which provides academic support and financial assistance to disadvantaged students.

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