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300 Click for offerWhen Ms. Huppert finally arrived at the Crown, a penthouse space atop the hotel that offers panoramic views north to Midtown, she settled onto a mod sofa in a back corner and received well-wishers and trays of fig-and-ricotta canapés. Naomi Shihab Nye is the 2019-21 Young People’s Poet Laureate of the Poetry Foundation, Chicago. Alison C. Rollins grew up in St. Louis, received a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award in 2018 and works as a librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her first book, “Library of Small Catastrophes,” was published in 2019 by Copper Canyon Press.

Before this year’s ceremony, the academy announced it would move four categories off the live telecast altogether and introduce a new best popular movie Oscar. A Hollywood backlash forced the academy to walk back both decisions. Today I Learned: Climate — You can’t really argue with MIT scientists. Well, you can, but you’ll probably lose. These nine bite-size podcasts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology interview professors on topics like clouds, carbon pricing and geoengineering.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE8th Inning: Astros Restore 4-Run LeadThe Astros padded their lead with a double by George Springer off reliever Daniel Hudson and then run-scoring single by Yuli Gurriel. I had hoped that 30 years from its creation, we would be using the web foremost for the purpose of serving humanity. Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and the world of open source software are the kinds of constructive tools that I hoped would flow from the web.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYHILL: “Based on questions and statements I have heard, some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps somehow for some reason Ukraine did. This is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves.” — hearing Thursday. The documents, which include internal speeches by President Xi Jinping and directives on surveillance, reveal how the demands of top officials led to the creation of the camps in Xinjiang where inmates sometimes undergo years of indoctrination and interrogation.

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If this is a hashtag you can get behind, we're here to help you make that lifestyle change and do the Facebook purge. Other tennis players have taken a similar approach through the years. In 1998, the former women’s star Monica Seles’s father and longtime coach, Karolj, died less than two weeks before the start of the French Open. Seles, grieving, decided to play and reached the singles final.

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If you have a Google Home, press and hold the microphone mute on the back of the speaker for about 15 seconds to reset. If successful, your device will confirm it's resetting. Heather: One Christmas in Florida, Boston learned that it wasn’t cold enough to “Build a Snowman.” He suggested singing the song together instead. During the part of the song that talks about playing together, he said, “But we’ll always be friends. I’ll always want to play with you, Mommy.”

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Mr. Jain said the policies his company advocates, including allowing renters to transfer security deposits between landlords when they move, could help free up billions of dollars tied up in security deposit accounts nationwide. One reason Parton’s approval rating is so high, though, is that all the attributes that used to set her up for criticism — the outrageous, hyper-femme style; the unapologetic business savvy needed to pull off her late-70s pop crossover; even the so-what acknowledgment of her own cosmetic surgery — are no longer taboo.

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Presto: Dance floor champions were born. Residents of Brockton, Mass., say that James Edgar, the founder of a local dry goods store, was the first department store Santa. He dressed as the character in 1890. Mr. Edgar’s story is told annually at a Brockton tree lighting celebration each year, thanks to the efforts of a nonprofit organization called USA Christmas Town. Participation is free; a Santa is present.

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