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300 Click for offerHackers seem to have found a sweet spot in Baltimore, Allentown, Pa., San Antonio and other local, American governments, where public employees oversee tangled networks that often use out-of-date software. Last July, the Department of Homeland Security issued a dire warning that state and local governments were getting hit by particularly destructive malware that now, security researchers say, has started relying on EternalBlue to spread.

John Manly, the lawyer who represents Namiotka and two other women who say Coughlin abused them, told The Associated Press that Namiotka had spoken out after months of “mistreatment by U.S. Figure Skating and Coughlin supporters,” who he said created an impression that Coughlin’s accusers were “crazy and making it up.” He said U.S. Figure Skating, the national governing body, had engaged in victim shaming.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKESorry, James Comey. You’re wrong again.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYIt was Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, who declared the proceedings a “war” and characterized Ms. Hill’s testimony as “flat-out perjury.” It was Alan Simpson, Republican of Wyoming, who suggested that Ms. Hill might be suffering from “a delusional disorder” and stated that unnamed others had told him to “watch out for this woman.” It was Howell Heflin, Democrat of Alabama, who suggested in his questioning that Ms. Hill might be a “scorned woman.” It was John Danforth, Republican of Missouri, who referred to Ms. Hill’s testimony as a “smear campaign.” (He later conceded that he had shown “no concern at all for fairness to Anita Hill.”) And it was Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, who declared that anyone who could produce allegations “so graphic and so crude and so outrageous” as Ms. Hill’s was “not a person” but a “psychopathic sex fiend or pervert.”

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Instagram’s critics probably won’t be satisfied that, after making billions of dollars in profits and contributing to what researchers say is an epidemic of teenage depression and anxiety, the company is now trying to dismantle the culture of social media bullying it helped to create.

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In her Reluctant Royals series, Alyssa Cole has invented an immersive network of fictional kingdoms set within our own reality. In the third and final book of the series, A PRINCE ON PAPER (Avon, paper, .99), Cole brings us to the tiny European kingdom of Liechtienbourg, where we finally get to spend a full book with Johan Maximillian von Braustein, stepson of the king of Liechtienbourg and a notorious tabloid-ready playboy. Johan had intriguing cameos in the first two books of the series, first as a rake and then as a man suspiciously better than he seemed. Here the charming, funny and fallible Johan thoroughly steals the show as he falls in love with Nya, a woman trying to break free from her constricted upbringing.

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Then there’s the flip side of having automatic stabilizers that are triggered when the unemployment rate or some other sign of recession reaches a certain level: The stabilizers can also be scheduled to go away when things get better. That could give some comfort to anyone worried about the possibility of open-ended government stimulus.

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The groom’s mother is a sales associate at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Chevy Chase. His father is the managing partner of the Tenant Agency, a commercial real estate firm based in Washington.

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